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Rwanda is a landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is renowned for its mountain gorillas, which are its main tourist attraction, although Rwanda also has a wealth of other wildlife. The Rwanda safari holidays typically involve tracking gorillas or chimpanzees in the wild, as well as enjoying the country's scenic landscapes and rich culture.

Rwanda's parks and reserves are also home to elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and many other animals, making it a perfect destination for a wildlife safari. Rwanda offers a unique safari experience like no other destination in Africa. The country is home to some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas, as well as a variety of other wildlife. You can explore a variety of different ecosystems, including tropical rainforests, swamp forests, and savannas. Whether you are interested in tracking gorillas or enjoying Rwanda's other attractions, a safari holiday in Rwanda is an unforgettable experience.

Top Safari Holiday Tours in Rwanda

Gorillas, Game Parks and Glorious Beaches

14 Days/13Nights

  • Avail the Rwanda safari holidays and get a chance to explore all that this country is known for, from gorillas and game parks to stunning beaches and more.
  • The tour begins from the capital city of Kigali and takes you all the way to the Volcanoes National Park, where you can enjoy trekking through dense rainforests to capture sights of mountain gorillas, the last remaining ones in the whole world.
  • Then, pay a visit to other popular African national parks, including the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and more, wherein you can enjoy game drives, spend the night sleeping under the starry night sky and more.
  • Finally, relax at the beautiful island of Zanzibar, where you can soak in views of the Indian Ocean.
Gorillas and Chimps of Rwanda

7 Days/6 Nights

  • Indulge in a Rwanda luxury safari and discover the wildlife and mountain scenery of this country whilst going on a chimpanzee and gorillas trek.
  • Drive to the Nyungwe Forest National Park to begin your trek to look for chimpanzees amidst the verdant surroundings of this rainforest, and capture sights of the Ruwenzori colobus and L'Hoest's monkeys and hundreds of bird species.
  • Then, pay a visit to the Volcanoes National Park, set amidst the Virunga Mountains, and spend some time looking out for the rare golden monkeys, in addition to forest elephants, buffaloes, bush pigs, giant forest hogs as well as spotted hyenas and bushbucks.
Gorillas Through the Mist

3 Days/2 Nights

  • Track gorillas through the mist-laden forests of Rwanda with these unique Rwanda safari packages.
  • Head off to Volcanoes National Park where you can trek on the marked trails to catch sights of gorillas and witness them in their natural habitats.
  • Watch them up close and personal as they feed, play and groom each other, all while being amazed by their gentle nature.
  • Head back to your hotel in Kigali to enjoy relaxing for the rest of the day.
Gorillas and Game Parks

7 Days/ 6 Nights

  • Avail some of the most adventurous Rwanda safari holidays and combine seeing the mountain gorillas of this country with a visit to the Serengeti National Park and the nearby Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Enjoy a gorilla trek in the Volcanoes National Park to witness the amazing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.
  • Then, take a light aircraft flight all the way to the Serengeti National Park for an afternoon game drive, where you can come across wild animals like wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, the big five and more.
  • Finish your tour at the Ngorongoro Crater, where you can indulge in picnics, game drives and even treks, and capture views of species like endangered rhinos, elephants, hartebeest, etc.
Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey Trekking

6 Days/5 Nights

  • Go for a Rwanda luxury safari and enjoy chimpanzee and golden monkey trekking in this country.
  • Set off to the Nyungwe Forest National Park, where you will track chimpanzees and other primates, along with animals like bushbucks, impalas, buffaloes and elephants, to name a few.
  • Then, visit the Volcanoes National Park to indulge in the golden monkey trekking experience here.
  • The safari tour also includes a visit to the city of Kigali where you can learn about the authentic Rwandan culture, community as well as cuisine.
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour

4 Days/3 Nights

  • Choose unique Rwanda safari packages and get a chance to indulge in an authentic gorilla trekking tour when you are here.
  • Get the opportunity to enjoy an up close and personal experience with the largest primates of Africa during this safari as you witness the mountain gorillas roam around freely in their natural habitats.
  • Explore the Volcanoes National Park to witness species like gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, buffaloes, hippos and more.
  • Enjoy soaking in the views of the lush natural landscapes and surroundings as you traverse on the marked trails
Rwanda Gorillas, Wildlife and Cultural Tour

6 Days/5 Nights

  • The Gorillas, Wildlife and Cultural Tour is one of the best Rwanda safari holidays that you can choose during your holiday.
  • This unique safari lets you enjoy the adventurous mountain gorilla trekking experience with the classical wildlife watching activity as well as learning about the culture of the region all at the same time.
  • Your tour begins from the Akagera National Park where you can enjoy game viewing as well as a boat trip on Lake Ihema, before heading to the Volcanoes National Park for a mountain gorilla trekking adventure.
  • The safari ends with a visit to the Ibyiwacu Cultural Village, where you can learn about the local culture and spend some time along the shores of Lake Kivu.
Gorilla and Primate Tracking Tour

7 Days/6 Nights

  • Indulge in a Rwanda luxury safari in the age-old rainforests of central-east Africa with this safari tour.
  • Take part in mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking in the country’s Volcanoes National Park.
  • Head off to the Nyungwe Forest National Park where you can go for chimpanzee tracking, and come face to face with many other species of birds, insects, small mammals as well as other primates.
  • Witness primates like the black-faced vervet monkeys, L'Hoest's monkey, grey-cheeked mangabeys and Ruwenzori colobus monkeys.

Best Places for Rwanda Safari Holidays

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is a national park in north-western Rwanda that was established in 1925, and is one of the best places for Rwanda safari holidays. The park is home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla, as well as the common chimpanzee and golden monkey. It is also one of the few places in Africa where the rare and elusive African golden cat can be found. The park is situated in the Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes that runs through the countries of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The park is located in an area of highland forest that is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffalo, and leopards.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is a national park in Rwanda. The park was created in 1934 and covers an area of 1,200 square kilometres. It is home to a variety of animals including lions, elephants, giraffes, and hippos, in addition to spotted hyenas, zebras, roan, topi and more. The park is also home to almost 500 bird species. The park is located in the eastern part of Rwanda and borders Tanzania. It is the only national park in Rwanda that offers safari game drives. The park is also home to a lodge, campsites, and a conference center.

Gishwati – Mukura National Park

You can also enjoy a Rwanda luxury safari at the Gishwati – Mukura National Park. It was created in 2015 from the merger of the Gishwati Forest Reserve and the Mukura National Park. The park is located in the north-western part of the country, in the Rwandan districts of Rubavu and Musanze. The park covers an area of ​​200 square kilometres and is home to a variety of wildlife, including chimpanzees, elephants, lions, and leopards. It is also home to the critically endangered Rwanda Red Fronted Gazelle.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in Rwanda. The park was established in 2004 and is located in the Albertine Rift, a region of Africa that is home to a variety of endangered species. The park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including chimpanzees, monkeys, and over 300 species of birds. Nyungwe Forest National Park is a popular tourist destination for its scenic beauty and wildlife. Some of the most common wildlife species here include chimpanzees, primates like the Ruwenzori colobus monkey, chimpanzee, owl faced monkey and grey cheeked mangabey, etc. You can also find the Rwenzori Turaco, the black-fronted duiker antelope, leopards, servals, and porcupines here.


The City of Kigali is another offbeat destination for Rwanda safari holidays. Kigali is a beautiful and welcoming city that is perfect for a safari adventure. The climate is perfect for safari-goers, as it is neither too hot nor too cold and there is plenty of wildlife to see. The city is home to lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and many other animals, making it a perfect destination for those who love to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Best Time to go for Rwanda Safari Holidays

January to April

The months of January and February are some of the best times to avail Rwanda safari packages. These months remain pleasant during the days and cooler in the evenings, and have ample sunshine which makes it great to explore the treks in the forests. March marks the onset of the rainy season here, with wet weathers, and slippery treks. The condition remains the same during April, and makes hiking and trekking relatively tough during this time.

May to July

By mid-May, the rains begin to lower down, making it a good time to enjoy Rwanda safari holidays without the tourist crowds. You can also enjoy birdwatching during this month. Between June and July, Rwanda experiences the dry season, with light clouds in the sky and the weather being perfect to enjoy gorilla trekking and primate tracking in the forests. You can also enjoy the annual Kwita Izina Ceremony in June here, wherein all the baby gorillas born over the past one year are given their names.

August to October

The months of August and September are the peak dry season in Rwanda, and also the best time to plan a holiday here. The climates remain pleasant and comfortable to enjoy gorilla trekking during these months. With the dry season, you can also witness many other larger mammals like lions, elephants and giraffes gathering at the lakes to quench their thirst. The month of October marks the onset of the short rainy season here.

November to December

The last two months of the year make up the peak rainy season in Rwanda, and are characterized by short and torrential bursts of rain showers and thunderstorms, with clear blue skies on some days. These months typically make the low season for safari here, with low costs of gorilla trekking permits, hotels and other charges. You can also soak in the beauty of the lush rainforests during these months.


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