Things to do in Botswana

Things to do in Botswana

There are plenty of best things to do in Botswana, this African city is well known for its wildlife, deserts and deltas. This city provides exciting opportunities for culture-seekers, adventurers, and birdwatching enthusiasts. For adventure lovers, bike riding in Makgadikgadi Salt Pans is one of the best things to do in Botswana. If you're unsure of what to do in Botswana, don't miss a horseback safari in the desert and a caving excursion at the Tsodilo Hills. Take a mokoro ride in the Okavango Delta or speak to the local Bushmen tribal people to experience real African life. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon ride which provides you the bird eye view of the city. Get a chance to enjoy the luxurious life as you enjoy the cruise in the Chobe river. Observe the wildlife lovers as you participate in wild camping which allows you to embrace the natural beauty of the city.

Witness Big 5 at Okavango Delta

The elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, and leopard are known as "the big five" which can be seen in the Okavango Delta. This term was previously used by hunters to refer to the five most dangerous animals to hunt in the bush. Witnessing the Big Five while on safari is one of the best things to do in Botswana and also a fantastic opportunity for wildlife lovers. It's an experience you won't soon forget to see these stunning animals in their natural environment. The Okavango Delta is among the best areas in Africa to see the Big Five because of the excellent conservation initiatives and anti-poaching programmes.

1. Location:

Okavango Delta, Botswana

2. Timings:

Monday - Sunday: 07.00 AM-07.00 PM

3. Price:

approximately $12

Meet the Elephants of Chobe

If you're confused about what to do in Botswana, meet the elephants of Chobe. Although there are many locations that provide good elephant watching, Chobe National Park in Botswana is home to the greatest concentration of elephants. Names like Chobe, Savute, and Linyanti are infused with the mystique of the safari, from rich riverine ecosystems to huge arid savannas. Interacting with elephants is one of the best Botswana activities and spending time with them is usually a treasured experience. Every encounter with these gray giants is different because of their sophisticated intelligence and endearing social dynamics.

1. Location:


2. Price:

For Adults: 120 BWP

Walk with the San Bushmen

One of the most interesting activities to do in Botswana is to interact with the local San Bushmen. They live in the Kalahari Game Reserve and the Makgadikgadi Pans, where visitors can communicate with them and be guided by their rich culture, history, and traditional oral stories about the land. These walking tours are one of the best things to do in Botswana and also provide opportunities to learn basic survival skills.


Botswana's Kalahari Desert

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Hot-air Balloon Safari Over the Delta

Experience Hot-air Balloon Safari Over the Delta, if you're wondering what to do in Botswana. Visitors now can experience this unique environment from the distinctive vantage point provided by hot air balloon flights. One of the greatest ways to experience a Botswana safari is with a hot air balloon safari above the Okavango Delta. On flights, one can see elephants, hippopotamuses, buffalo, giraffes, antelope, and many other animals. In the Okavango Delta, hot air balloon rides take off before daylight and run for 45 to 60 minutes.

1. Location:

Okavango Delta, Botswana

2. Price:

Approximately USD 495

3. Timings:

05:00 AM and 04:30 PM

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Ride an ATV Across the Makgadikgadi Pans

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are vast, undulating areas of white clay in Botswana that are popular all year round with tourists. Visiting Makgadikgadi Salt Pans for bike riding is one of the best things to do in Botswana. The regions are unlike any other because there is little to no flora other than the monsoon and no sign of the animal life seen in the forests of Botswana. Travelling across this vast, limitless landscape on quad bikes is an exhilarating experience for the guests.

1. Location:

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana

2. Price:

Starts around 650$ per person per night

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Go on Wild Camping

Wild camping is one of the best activities to do in Botswana because it is the greatest adventure of an individual's life. Wild camping on remote safaris is the greatest way to enjoy Botswana's environment and wildlife. Camping outside in the open wild is not permitted for visitors. In Botswana, stopping off the track to pitch your tent is prohibited. The ideal place to stargaze at night is while camping in Botswana and you can get as near to the wildlife as you can while being fully immersed in nature.


Chobe National Park

Discover Ancient Rock Art at Tsodilo Hills

Exploring Ancient Rock Art at Tsodilo Hills is one of the best things to do in Botswana. When you visit the Tsodilo hills, you'll experience a sense of mystery and intrigue. Botswana is a country with an abundance of natural beauty. Tsodilo Hills is a great place to go if you're unsure what to do in Botswana. These hills are an unexpected sight because they are among the oldest historical sites in the world. The surviving rock art is one of the breathtaking Tsodilo Hills' most alluring features. There are a huge number of antique paintings in the area. Paintings by The Tsodilo Hills show an odd assortment of fauna.


North-West Botswana Near The Namibian Border In Okavango Sub-District

Cruising on the Chobe River

Botswana, with its abundance of rivers, is one of the African countries best suited to boat cruises and water expeditions. The boat cruises include a comprehensive tour of Botswana's lands and are an excellent way to experience the country's vast flora and fauna. The Chobe river boat cruise is one of the well-known Botswana activities. The cruise allows participants to see the antelopes and large herds of elephants that are famous along the Chobe River's banks.


Chobe River, Botswana

Go on a Horseback Safari

Horseback Safari is one of the best things to do in Botswana. You may experience Botswana's breathtaking splendor with a dash of adventure and see many great game species in their native habitat. All of the Big Five can be found in the northern Okavango Delta, which is a seasonal floodplain with lagoons and grassland islands. With its massive baobab trees, elephant herds, and the Limpopo River, Mashatu in the south is known as the land of giants. All of Botswana's horse riding safaris provide thrilling riding and an unforgettable experience.


Okavango Delta, Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and Mashatu Reserve in the Limpopo

Go on a Game Drive in the Kalahari Desert

The Game Drive in the Kalahari Desert is one of the popular activities to do in Botswana. A safari in the Kalahari offers interactive adventure and a variety of activities that are suited for thrill-seekers and families with young children, in addition to premium safari lodge lodging and classic 4x4 game drives. Mobile adventures transport you to stunning, inaccessible areas of the Kalahari, where you may enjoy an adventurous camping adventure in fully outfitted safari tents.

1. Location:

Kalahari Desert, Botswana

2. Price:

Camping rates start from 100$

3 Timings:

6.30 am – 6.30 pm

FAQ's of Botswana

What are the things to do in Botswana?

  • Explore Kalahari Game Reserve
  • Paddle through the Delta
  • Canoe ride
  • Safari at Chobe National Park
  • Walk with Bushmen
  • Boat Cruise
  • Self-Drive 4x4 Safari at Chobe National Park
  • Quad biking in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

Which are the top tourist attractions in Botswana?

  • Okavango Delta
  • Chobe National Park
  • Moremi Game Reserve
  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve
  • Tsodilo Hills
  • Nxai Pan National Park
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
  • Mokolodi Game Reserve

What is Botswana famous for?

Botswana is a country famous for its wide diversity of wildlife, which draws tourists from all over the world to its depths. A pleasurable experience is guaranteed by the emphasis placed by Botswana tour packages on offering the closest possible encounters with the nation's flora and fauna. The Bushmen tribes and area are also a part of the Botswana vacation packages, adding to the country's rich cultural legacy.

Is Botswana worth visiting?

Yes, Botswana makes a wonderful vacation spot and visitors can explore various Botswana activities. The tourists can also view stunning attractions such as; Lekhubu Island, an incredible little island on the salt pans which is one of the less well-known sights. The Nata Sanctuary is home to an incredible colony of flamingos during the breeding season

What is the best time to visit Botswana?

The dry season, which lasts from May to October, is the ideal time to explore Botswana. The nights are chilly and cool during this time, and the days are still warm and pleasant. It is also the best time to see wildlife because the Okavango Delta's water levels are at their peak during this period.


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