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Top Okavango Delta Safari Packages

Okavango Delta is a heritage Site with immeasurable freshwater wetland which is located at the bosom of Botswana’s parched Kalahari Desert backing an ampleness of wildlife and nature.One can experience the thrill of amazing game drives in the majestic Moremi Game Reserve,supervised by trained guides to the secluded places. You can explore the 4X4 drives, canoe trips, walking safaris witnessing the lush green landscape filled with thousands of wildlife species. You can relax under the mesmerizing African night skies with all luxurious itineraries while you have some private time with family and friends making it the best Okavango Delta Safari experience.

The okavango delta safari packages include morning and night drives, delicious food, walking safaris and camping close to one of the seven wonders of the world, The Victoria Falls.

5 Days Okavango Delta Family Safari

The destinations covered in the 5 days okavango Delta Family Safari are Botswana, Moremi Game reserve and Okavango delta accompanied by a personal guide that takes you to explore the best views of the land The Okavango delta safari packages include amazing game viewing, personal guides, boat safaris, slow rides in a mokoro and glass-bottomed canoes making it a perfect family experience. Explore the magical Moremi Game reserve to experience the thrilling morning and afternoon drives imparting you the chance to witness leopards, wild dogs, hippos and the variety of wildlife. The tents are family-friendly and fully loaded with attached bathrooms, swimming pool, delicious food and complimentary laundry service.

Price: Starting from $2,505 approximately

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7 Days Good-Value Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Experience the Botswana okavango delta luxury safari to explore the country’s amazing wildlife areas and spend the night under the dazzling African skies. The package tour pampers you with the spectacular view of the lagoons, peaceful private areas and swimming pool from which you can gaze at the vivid wilderness. Experience the splendid boat safari to explore the hippos dueling for territory and the crocodiles lounging in the sun. Visiting the Khwai Private Reserve provides you access to explore the varied habitat and have plenty of game for the big cat sightings and dazzling birdlife.

Price: From $6,120 per person

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8 Days Okavango Delta, Chobe River & Victoria Falls

Explore Botswana’s two most stunning safari destinations, the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park and a stay at the mighty Victoria Falls in 8 days. Kick off your getaway with the game drives and customary mokoro trips at the splendid Okavango Delta before moving on to the next destination. The Chobe National Park, a renowned conservation area, offers its visitors plenty of game and is home to ferocious predators and plenty of bird species. Explore one of the seven wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls where you can enjoy the thrill of helicopter rides, sunset river cruises and elephant-back safaris.

Price: From $5,820 per person sharing

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8 Days Family Botswana's Okavango Delta & Kalahari

Experience the 8 days family Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Kalahari package to explore the contrasting yet splendid sites and various activities with your family in the beautiful country of Botswana. Kick off your thrilling safari with the Moremi Game Reserve where you will explore the varied wilderness and boat safari which will leave you awestruck. Get to know more about this fantastic watery wilderness and enjoy fun and educational activities perfect for a family getaway. Go on a guided tour with the local Kalahari bushmen to know more about their lifestyle and culture and quad bike safari to explore the variety of wildlife around.


  • From $8,140 per person sharing
  • Starts from approximately $2,505.

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14 Days Private Guided Botswana, Vic Falls & Zimbabwe

Experience the 14 days private guided Botswana, Vic Falls and Zimbabwe package where the trained guides introduce you to some of the most magical natural wonders of Southern Africa. Best Okavango Delta Safari takes you on adventurous walking safaris where you can witness Africa's big cats, a variety of bird species and even sit by the lagoons to watch the mesmerizing sunset. Experience the thrilling game drives and nature walks in Hwange & Matabos to explore the majestic wetlands, ancient rock art and the dense population of Verreaux’s black vultures.

Price : From $28,730 per person

9 Days Botswana's Delta, Moremi & Savute

The combination of desert and delta landscape offers its visitors to experience the astounding diversity of wildlife, landscapes and bird species. This camp provides excellent game viewing, quad-biking, mokoro safaris, walking safaris and community visits which are accompanied by experienced guides. The best Okavango Delta Safari provides great itineraries and fun filled activities which are perfect for planning a family trip. Explore the Savute region of the Chobe National Park which is famous for its humongous number of elephants, lion prides, zebras and thousands of migrating bird species.

Price: From $5,995 per person sharing

6 Days Romantic Botswana's Delta & Savute

Explore the romantic Botswana’s delta and Savute to experience the best of Botswana’s premier safari destinations combining the Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta which is renowned for thrilling game viewings. Enjoy the best Okavango Delta Safari to experience the thrilling day and night safaris, canoe trips, 4X4 game drives, mokoro safaris and explore the splendid aquatic habitat. Enjoy under the dazzling African night skies staying at old-fashioned canvas tents where you can rest and have a private and peaceful time accompanied by delicious cuisine.

Price: From $8,020 per person sharing

17 Days Botswana, Zimbabwe & Namibia

Experience the 17 days Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia tour package that provides its visitors with vivid wildlife, 4X4 game drives and walking safari to explore the secrets of the African Lands. Experience the high density game viewing in wildlife-rich Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve where you get to witness the Big 5 with ample time at your disposal. Stay in the Victorian-era guest houses with an African flavor, close to the Victorian Falls which is one the seven wonders of the world with luxurious itineraries.

Price : From $3,590 per person sharing

Best Time to Experience Okavango Delta Safari

January and March

The month of January is the rainiest month of the year with frequent thunderstorms during the afternoon, so it has very less number of visitors. The camp and the lodges are very peaceful and special safaris are arranged for the visitors. During the summer months of March, the weather is very unpredictable. The landscape is surrounded by lush green bushes and water levels at the lowest, it offers excellent game viewing.

April and May

April is the perfect time to visit South Africa’s mesmerizing city with pleasant temperature and the chilly drizzle which makes the vacation a pleasant one. The month of May is the best time of the year to visit as the autumn season kicks in and surrounds the landscape with lush green fields with high frequency game time.

June and August

In June, the vegetation becomes scanty making it easier to spot the deadly predators of the African land making it the best time to experience Okavango Delta Safari. This month offers you a perfect blend of water and land safaris as the bushes are scanty.

August is the peak month for the safari season as thousands of migrating birds start building their nests which attract the bird enthusiasts. This season is best for fishing as the channels are populated with numerous catfishes.

September to December

September and October are some of the best months for game viewing at the Moremi Game Reserve located in the Okavango Delta. Although the starting days of November are usually hot with an imminent downpour as the rain showers begin, the land becomes a new haven for life.December is filled with spectacular afternoon showers which is a rejuvenation time for the vegetation after a prolonged period of heat.

Know Before You Go For Okavango Delta Safari

Travel Tip
Flights & Getting Around
  • Always carry your binoculars while on safaris so that you can explore the excellent bird watching from distance without scaring them away.
  • Always carry warm clothes are a must if you are planning a visit in the months of May to August as the temperatures throughout the day are chilling.
  • Adhere to the safety rules as the unfenced Okavango Delta safari has wandering wildlife around the tents.
  • Keep your cameras handy to capture the stunning views of the landscape and variety of wildlife which you can cherish for life.
  • Carry light fabric clothes that can dry up easily as the clothes may get dirty and wet while experiencing walking safaris.
  • Wear long sleeve clothes to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects during the water safaris.

The Maun International Airport is closest to the Okavango Delta, serving flights from Kasane, Gaborone, Johannesburg and Windhoek. You will travel around in light aircrafts from one location to another flying from private airstrips.

1. By Car: Once you reach the airport, the lodge arranges 4X4 open air vehicles to explore the vivid wildlife. You can also opt for self drive rental cars which you can pick up at the airport and commute throughout the picturesque landscape.

2. By Bus: After you have reached the final destination, the lodge or camps will arrange a shared minibus to commute from one destination to another.

FAQ’s of Okavango Delta Safari

How much does Okavango Delta Safari cost?

There are a variety of okavango delta safari packages to choose from which range from 5 days to 14 days all inclusive. The starting cost of exploring the Okavango delta safari is approximately $2,505 to give you one of the best experiences accompanied by trained guides.

Which animals can you see in the Okavango Delta?

The Okavango Delta is filled with a variety of wilderness including elephants, migrating zebras, big cats, leopards, wildebeest, wild dogs, great kudus, white rhinoceros and spotted hyenas.

How many days do you need in Okavango Delta?

5 days is perfect for exploring the majestic Okavango Delta where you can experience the varied safaris accompanied by trained guides.

Which are the best camps and lodges in Okavango Delta?

  • Camp Okavango
  • Chief’s Camp
  • Mombo Camp
  • Xugana Island Lodge
  • Duba Plains Camp
  • Jao Camp

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