Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta Overview

Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed wetland in Botswana that houses 880 species of animals and flourishes 1500 plant species. It is one of those few African interior delta systems that don’t flow into the sea or ocean, instead, these are permanent Marshlands with seasonal floods. Spreading across VR northern Botswana, this vast inland river lets you witness the occasional lush and blooming landscape. The annual flooding of the Okavango Delta occurs in synchronization with the biological life cycles of plants, animals, and other inhabitants.

The popular Moremi Game Reserve covers the central and eastern regions of this 5 million-acre wetland. There are a variety of animals that live on the dry land like giraffes, elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, etc. This place is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Botswana to catch the sight of magnificent flora and fauna. You can explore this wetland through a 4x4 Safari, Mokoro boat, motorboat, helicopter, and helicopter tour.

Okavango Delta Flora & Fauna


Okavango Delta is rich in flora as it houses a whopping 1500 plant species. The wetlands offer complex ecosystems that support animals and plants altogether like the common lining of Papyrus across the waterways. Plants like lilies, wild sage, and palm trees are found here. Most mopane forests are really common in the bushland areas of the Okavango Delta. The ancient baobab trees and many genera of acacia like Candle Pod Acacia, Jackalberry, and Sausage Tree can be seen.


Okavango Delta supports permanent and seasonal wildlife because of its exceptional synchronized ecosystem. There are 880 species of magnificent animals out of which 160 belong to mammals, 155 species of reptiles, 530 species of birds, and 35 amphibians. You can witness the calmest animals like African Buffalo, African Bush Elephants, Giraffes, etc. Some of the popular fishes found are catfish and tigerfish. The region houses the richest packs of felines like lions, cheetahs, leopards, and many more animals. Even the rarest animals like African Wild Dogs reside here peacefully.

Things to Do at Okavango Delta

Drive in an African Safari

Exploring the bushes of the Okavango Delta to witness the enchanting animals living in their natural habitat is one of the coolest things to do in Botswana. You can catch sight of 200,000 mammals and birds moving through the forests. The Duba Concession region of Okavango Delta presents fights between buffaloes and lions through a 4x4 Safari. The off-roading experience lets you witness the untamed lions, semi-aquatic antelopes, African wild dogs, and many more magnificent animals moving through the open woodlands.

Walk Through the Okavango Delta bushes

Walking freestyle through Okavango Delta bushes with a guide allows you to have face-to-face encounters. The bush walk is completely safe as an armed ranger accompanies you and the guide for ensuring safety from the wildlife. You can meet the San People- the oldest inhabitants of Africa living in these bushes. These bushmen showcase their exceptional skills of jungle survival as they lead you to a source of food amidst the tall trees.

Helicopter Ride Over Okavango Delta

The scenic helicopter ride showcases the panorama of the landscape of Okavango Delta’s island, bushland, and lagoons. You can witness the Okavango River touching the sands of the Kalahari Desert. As many of Okavango Delta’s areas are unreachable, the helicopter ride presents you with a bird’s eye view of the vast water land. You can witness elephants and lions appearing to be mini-versions of themselves from the top.

Mokoro Safari

Exploring Okavango Delta’s narrow waterways through a canoe is one of the most popular activities in Botswana. The traditional canoe takes you forwards through beautiful and inaccessible waters with a Mokoro guide. The slow exploration lets you slowly witness the beauty of African animals bathing and drinking by the waters. You can most likely encounter a herd of elephants and too many crocodiles. The African fish eagle is another popular bird to look out for during the Mokoro ride.

Motorboat On the Okavango River

You can enjoy the fast motorboat ride on the River of Okavango that moves through the lagoons, and floodplains. The boat ride lets you catch the wonderful sight of hippos, lions, and whatnot! You can witness the elephants splashing water near the rivers and crocodiles transversing slowly in the waters. The fast motorboat allows you to explore large distances of the watery landscape with sightings of birds like herons, kingfishers, bee-waters, African fish eagles, etc.

Visit the Camps

You must visit the camps of Linyanti, and Savuti near the borders of Chobe National Park. These camps offer an exclusive experience of staying overnight in the tents to witness the nocturnals. You can most probably find herds of elephants, and many other wild animals moving freely across the camps. From the campsite, you can either take a Safari tour or a Mokoro ride throughout the wetlands.

Lodges and Camps in Okavango Delta

Divava Okavango Lodge and Spa

Located on the banks of the Okavango River, the Divava Okavango Resort and Spa presents you with 20 luxury Air-conditioned and spacious wooden decks. You can witness the wildlife from the front of the balcony. The chalets incorporate a bathroom, bathtub, and outdoor shower. There is a fully equipped spa and a restaurant deck at Divava Resort. You can take a land 4x4 Safari, and boat cruise from this place.

Price: 1-night US $233 per person.

Camp Okavango

It is located on the secluded Nicaragua island in central Okavango Delta's permanent wetlands. The open-air lodge has many spacious rooms inside which are nicely made. You can choose all-year-round water activities like motorboats, mokoro rides, etc. Sitatunga Antelope is often sighted near this lodge. It is suitable for couples and families looking to explore sharing.

Price: US $600 sharing

Vumbura Plains

This is located amidst a wildlife area of dry land with a mix of water. There are many animal sightings like lions, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, etc. There are spacious rooms and private plunge pools. It offers land and water activities like motorboating, 4x4 Safari, and guided walks. The popular activity of hot air ballooning is offered here.

Mombo Camps

The Mombo Camps present you with spacious tents that offer fantastic views of the wetlands. The open-air arrangement introduces outdoor dining and convivial fire. The unique thing about this camp is that they are above the ground from the first floor onwards as animals walk freely beneath them. This place is ideal for wildlife photographers as you can catch sights of animals like lions, leopards, rhinos, etc.

Price: US $2595

Xugana Island Lodge

It is one of the most beautiful camps that offer you the front views of Xugana Lagoon. There are spacious chalets, an open-sided lounge, a dining room, a bar, and many more facilities. This camp is loaded with private viewing decks, swimming pools, and breathtakingly beautiful gardens to provide a premium experience. You can witness a variety of fish like tiger fish, catfish, and breams.

Okavango Delta Tour Packages

1-Day Okavango Delta Boat Safari

Sit in the open-air 12-seater boat and take a guided tour of the Okavango Delta to know about the ecosystem of flora and fauna. Catch the beautiful sight of hippopotami, elephants, giraffes, birds, etc living in their natural habitat. Sit with 12 others and explore Okavango Delta on the waters for 8 hours.


  • Entry ticket to Okavango Delta.

  • Tea and coffee per person.

  • Water bottles per person.

  • Lunch, and snacks.

Price: US $341

1-Day Okavango Delta Mokoro Canoe Day Trip

Get into the wetlands of the Okavango Delta in a full-day tour from Maun. Meet the Mokoro community and join the group to enjoy the waters in a one-tree canoe. While floating on the waters, you can witness the wildlife of the National Park as the guide gives a commentary. On one of the islands, you stop to have a scrumptious lunch. You can take a nature walk around the park to witness more animals.


  • Round-trip transfer from Maun Hotel.

  • Entry ticket to Okavango Delta.

  • Local guide.

  • Canoe.

  • Lunch.

Price: US $155

2-Days Wilderness Trail Okavango Delta and Moremi- Camping Safari

Take a guided tour of Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve. Witness the best of African wildlife while boarding a 4x4 Safari in Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve. Sit on a canoe amidst the bushes and enjoy close animals. encounters.


  • Round-trip transfer to hotel.

  • Local guide.

  • All camping equipment like tents, pillows, blankets, etc.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 2 days.

Price: US $931

3-Days Okavango Delta

Take a sightseeing guided tour of Botswana's Okavango Delta from Maun. Discover the World UNESCO World Heritage-listed Okavango Delta through a 4x4 land Safari, and canoe. You can camp overnight in the bushes and eat your favorite food for 3-days. The tour allows you to catch sight of African giraffes and hippos.


  • 4x4 Safari vehicle.

  • Canoe.

  • Guides.

  • Chef.

  • Camp assistance.

  • Camp equipment like beds, blankets, and towels.

  • Luxury tents (12x15)m

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 2-days.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

Price: US $932

3-Days Okavango Delta Mokoro Safari

Take a sightseeing guided tour of Botswana's Okavango Delta from Maun. Discover the World UNESCO World Heritage-listed Okavango Delta through a 4x4 land Safari, and canoe. You can camp overnight in the bushes and eat your favorite food for 3-days. The tour allows you to catch sight of African giraffes and hippos.


  • Round trip transfer from the hotel.

  • 2 nights accommodation.

  • Entry ticket to National Park.

  • Guided Tour.

  • Nation Park Activities.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Price: US $1776

4-Days Okavango Delta and Boteti River Tented Safari

For 4-Days enjoy the adventure starting from the banks of the Boteti River to Okavango Delta. Get a round-trip transfer from the banks of the Boteti River. Start your journey to explore Moremi Game Reserve, and take a Safari ride in Okavango Delta.


  • Full-day Mokoro Safari in Okavango Delta.

  • Full-day open vehicle Safari to Moremi Game Reserves.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 days.

Price: US $901

Plan Your Visit to Okavango Delta

Essential Information
What to Pack
Health and Safety Tips

1. How to Reach:

By Air: The easiest way to reach Okavango Delta is by air. The nearest airport to Okavango Delta is Maun Airport, at a distance of approximately 80 km. The airport has flight accessibilities from Johannesburg and Cape Town Cities. Upon arriving at the airport, you can take a private taxi/cab transfer to Okavango Delta for 4-5 hrs.

2. Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit is in October because it is the hottest and driest month of the year when there are no floods and the water levels are at their lowest. This offers stunning views of the wetlands, and wildlife can live freely in the wide-open bush.

  • Passport and important documents.

  • Take protection against sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats.

  • Carry bugs and mosquito repellent.

  • Loads of water to stay hydrated.

  • You should take adequate measures and precautions against malaria and yellow fever when visiting Okavango Delta.

  • Follow the advice of your tour guide.

  • Carry bug repellent all the time.

  • Wear sunscreen and hats to protect yourself.

  • Drink loads of water to stay hydrated.

  • Don’t travel alone in the bushes during the overnight camps.

  • Refrain from teasing animals to maintain your own safety.

  • Stay respectful towards the traditional bushmen.

  • Refrain from eating fruits of the jungle without permission as they could turn out to be poisonous.

FAQ's Of Okavango Delta

What activities can we do at Okavango Delta camps?

You can indulge in a variety of activities at Okavango Delta camps like mokoro ride, motor boating, fishing, 4x4 Safari tour, helicopter tour, sightseeing walks, etc. Out of these activities, the Mokoro Ride is the most popular activity as it lets you transverse through the narrow waterways on a traditional kayak. With commentary from the local guide, you can witness stunning animals and understand their ecosystem.

How many days do you need in Okavango Delta?

The minimum time for enjoying all the safari activities at Okavango Delta campsite is 3-4 days. The activities of light boating, 4x4 Safari tours, Mokoro rides, etc can take days for proper exploration. You can extend this visit up to 6-8 nights if you want to explore the neighboring areas of the Okavango Delta like Kalahari, Chobe, Linyanti, etc.

What is the best time of year to visit the Okavango Delta?

The best time to visit Okavango Delta is during the dry season when the rainfall stops. The best month to arrive would be October as it is the hottest and driest month with no arrival of floods time and the water levels are quite low. This presents magnificent views of the wetlands and animals move freely throughout the open woodland. Moreover, this season catches the sight of many colorful migratory birds.

What facilities will I get in the Okavango Delta camps?

In the Okavango Delta camps, you will get the full facilities of spacious rooms, bathrooms, and dining. These camps offer land and water activities like motorboating, mokoro rides, 4x4 land safari, hot air balloon rides, walking tours, etc.

Which are the best places to visit near Okavango Delta?

Moremi Game Reserve, Chief’s Island, Maun, Chobe National Park, and Linyanti and Savuti camps are the best places to visit in and near the Okavango Delta.


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