African Safari Holidays & Tours

Popular Safari Destinations

Rare Safari provides experiences in different parts of Africa. From breathing in the freshness of the wide woods as you walk around Kenya's forests to spotting various wildlife creatures in the jungle of South Africa, you won’t be disappointed. However, a little further off the main path, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia also provide great safari experiences. Ethiopia and Malawi also offer amazing sights of wild cats and the striped zebras that one must definitely not miss. We can thus help you if you're looking for the top safari destinations in Africa, as making your trip top notch is what we look forward to!

Types of Safaris

After traveling to beautiful Africa several times, the team of Rare Safaris has listed out the best safaris that one can participate in. From watching the ravening Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo) in the jungles of Tanzania, to experiencing adventures like horse rides in Kenya, there are various popular safaris one can indulge in. The three greatest nations in the world for a gorilla safari are all located in Africa. In the gorilla safari sector, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo have established themselves as the top locations for tourists looking to trek through wild jungles in search of these dangerous yet beautiful mammals. Also, for the one who’s looking for an all inclusive safari, Rare Safaris has it planned out too.

Popular National Parks

Whether you've been on a safari before or you're a seasoned pro, the African wildlife and Saharan vistas will always captivate you. Even if the continent lacks rich vegetation and cool rivers, its natural beauty will nevertheless take your breath away the instant you lay eyes on it. Prepare your camera and ride off to any one of these fearless combinations of exhilarating wildlife encounters, stunning scenery, and once-in-a-lifetime events! Hiking through volcanic craters, seeing leopards capture their prey, witnessing pink flamingos taking a sunbath, these national parks have it all covered. Book with rare Safaris to have a memorable excursion to these national parks.

Popular Packages

For the one who wants to experience the beauty of Africa, Rare Safaris has crafted out various packages for you to have an amazing experience. These packages are available at unbeatable prices with amazing deals and offers, which let you spot the rich wildlife at the most famous destinations.

Luxury Safari Lodges

High-end safari lodges in Africa rank among the best and most expensive lodges in the world. Additionally, they provide some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. These upscale, environmentally concerned lodges provide luxury wilderness experience together with great service. They are private and intimate, and in addition to morning and evening game drives, rates include delectable gourmet meals and the majority of beverages, which are frequently served outdoors. The majority also provide walking safaris for the tourists.

Why Travel With Rare Safaris?

We Are Localites
Affordable Prices
We Are Professionals
24 Hour Customer Support
Locally Curated Tours
Your Money Stays Local

Based in Durban, our team of enthusiastic travelers are all African locals. Raised amidst the beauty of Africa, our friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to making your journey one to remember. From tours that focus on sightseeing and photography to ones that are action-packed, our team organizes it all.

We have access to the cheapest prices due to our scale and established ties with the leading operators in Africa. Do let us know if you think our experiences aren’t worth your money, and we’ll fix it in any way possible. Providing you the best offer is what we focus on.

Every single destination and activity we suggest has been personally experienced by us. We spend all our days experiencing first hand so that we can offer our customers the best experience they can ever have. Our advice will always seem genuine, which can offer you unreal escapades.

In regards with any number of your doubts, we are 24*7 here to fix them, and provide you with the best solutions and advice. Book your holiday with us, and we promise not to leave your side, until and unless assured that you had the best time with us.

Unlike any other, we provide you experiences that are specially curated for you. Along with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you'll see spectacular wildlife. We have our very own favorites for small groups as well as for big groups like families and friends that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Being an African based company, we support local communities by keeping money in the country and lending a helping hand to those in need. Even after your holiday tour, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you helped the conservative communities by aiding them.


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