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About Ethiopia Safari Holidays

An Ethiopian luxury safari holiday is an unforgettable experience. You’ll have the opportunity to see some of the most iconic animals in the world, including lions, elephants, and Giraffes. Ethiopia is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. From the stunning Simien Mountains to the Great Rift Valley, there is so much to explore, especially when it comes to witnessing sights of rare animal species such as the Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboons, and the Walia Ibex.

Africa is a vast and varied continent, with a huge range of different countries and cultures to explore. Ethiopia is one of the only places not just in Africa, but also around the world, where you can enjoy encounters with some of the rarest animal species. It is home to destinations like the Bale Mountains and Simien Mountains, as well as unspoilt places like the Danakil Depression and Gambella, wherein you can enjoy some of the best Ethiopia safari holidays. So, if you’re looking for an adventure and want to experience something truly different, then a safari holiday in Ethiopia is for you!

Top Safari Holiday Tours in Ethiopia

Splendours of Ethiopia

13 Days/12 Nights

  • Indulge in Ethiopia safari holidays and get a chance to explore the rich historical heritage of sub-Saharan Africa with the Splendours of Ethiopia tour
  • Step back into time as you explore the medieval rock churches of Lalibela and the ancient city of Axum during the safari, while also visiting the island monasteries on Lake Tana
  • Explore areas like Mekelle and Lalibela, where you can see the Big Five animals, or lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards, as well as other predators like cheetahs, lynx, hyenas and jackals
  • Pay a visit to attractions like the Church of Debre Sina, Gondar Castle and others at Gondar

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Ethiopia In Depth

13 Days/12 Nights

  • Get a chance to learn all about the culture, history, wildlife and scenery of Ethiopia with this Ethiopia luxury safari which takes you to the country’s northern frontiers
  • Begin your journey from the city of Addis Ababa and visit the National Museum and Holy Trinity Church here, before taking a flight to Bahir Dar, along the shores of Lake Tana for a bird watching experience
  • Enjoy a boat trip on Lake Tana, and enjoy spotting animals such as hippos, Nile monitor and Nile crocodiles
  • Then, visit attractions like Debark, located on the edge of the Simien Mountains, and home to gelada baboons and klipspringers, as well as destinations like Axum, Lalibela, etc.

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Incredible Ethiopia

13 Days/12 Nights

  • Avail one of the top Ethiopia safari holidays and get to explore this unspoilt and offbeat country, whilst also gaining insights about its culture, history and traditions
  • Trek to the peaks of the Simien Mountains, whilst stopping to spot animal species like wild cats, spotted hyenas, caracals, monkeys and more
  • Indulge in a boat cruise at Lake Tana, and search for the source of Blue Nile, and enjoy catching glimpses of crocodiles, hippos, African tigerfish and other species of wildlife
Ethiopia Expedition to Danakil Depression

6 Days/5 Nights

  • Set out for a journey to one of the most remote places in the world with this unique and adventurous Ethiopia luxury safari
  • Head off to visit the active volcano of Erta Ale and get a chance to see the rare molten lava lakes here, or capture views of the bubbling glowing red lava in your camera lens
  • Then, pay a visit to Dallol, which is one of the hottest areas in the world, as well as Lake Asale, which is the lowest place in Africa, where you can witness camel caravans of the Afar people
Authentic Ethiopian Cultural and Wildlife Tour

14 Days/13 Nights

  • Indulge in this Ethiopia safari holidays tour and enjoy soaking in an authentic African safari experience, while also learning about the tribal cultures and wildlife of ancient Ethiopia in an ideal budget
  • Enjoy a visit to the major national parks of Ethiopia, along with meeting the traditional tribes of the Omo Valley during this tour
  • Head to the Chebera Churchura National Park, Maze National Park and the Mago National Park, and spot rare and endangered animals and birds like the Ethiopian wolves, Swayne’s hartebeest, defassa waterbuck, hippo, bushpig and giant forest hog, elephants and buffaloes here
Rare Animals of Ethiopia Safari Expedition

12 Days/11 Nights

  • Get a chance to witness some of the rarest animals in the country with this safari expedition, which ranks as one of the best Ethiopia luxury safari options
  • Visit the historic site of Debre Libanos, and enjoy a visit to the 13th century monastery here, while also witnessing huge troops of gelada baboons here, or catch sights of other animals like Soemmerring’s gazelle, greater kudu, lesser kudu and klipspringers here
  • Then, visit the famous Awash National Park, and enjoy bushwalks or game drives here, as you come across rare mammal species like servals, caracals, aardvarks and aardwolf, in addition to the rare black-maned lion, leopards, cheetahs and beisa oryx
  • Don’t forget to explore the Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve, where you can enjoy seeing leopards, cheetahs, serval and caracal during a game drive
Wildlife Safari to Awash National Park

3 Days/2 Nights

  • Avail the Ethiopia safari holidays to the Awash National Park, which is a part of the Ethiopian Great Rift Valley, and is the abode of some of the most unique and rare species of animals in Africa
  • Pass by the volcanic Beseka lake on the way, and spend some time birdwatching here, as you spot species like the pink-winged pelican, African fish eagle, saddle-billed stork, etc.
  • Indulge in game drives in the park, and catch up close sights of wildlife like oryx, baboon, greater and lesser kudu, warthog, gazelle, and colobus monkey
  • Drive around the Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve, which is where you can witness free roaming animal species like olive baboons, beisa oryx, Soemmerring’s gazelle, gerenuk, Grevy's zebra, and waterbucks, including the Kori bustard and Arabian bustard, as well as many indigenous birds and more
Journey of The Other Great Migration

11 Days/10 Nights

  • Enjoy a one of a kind Ethiopia luxury safari as you witness the Other Great Migration of Ethiopia, which is even greater than the one in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Spend your days in the Gambella National Park, where you can witness large herds of white-eared kob, tiang and other grazers migration across the border
  • Head to the Duma Wetlands in the far north-east corner of the park, to enjoy sightings of rare animal species such as the Nile lechwe, Lelwel hartebeest as well as the elusive shoebill for the experience of a lifetime
Journey to the Rift Valley Lakes and Bale National Park

8 Days/7 Nights

  • Plan a tour all the way to the stunning lakes of the Great Rift Valley in the country as well as the famous Bale Mountains National Park, which makes for one of the best Ethiopia safari holidays
  • Drive to Langano through the Ethiopian Rift Valley, which makes up the Afro-Arabian rift system, and is home to 8 chains of lakes, where you can enjoy sights of many different species of birds
  • Then, set off to explore the Bale Mountains National Park, and catch sights of flamingos on Lake Abijatta, in addition to animal species like the Menelik’s bushbuck and the Mountain nyala, among others
  • Enjoy a visit to the scenic town of Arba Minch, which overlooks the twin lakes of Abaya and Chamo, and is a great place to enjoy boat safaris on Lake Chamo, where you can witness Nile crocodiles, hippos as well as birds
Wildlife Safari to Bale Mountains National Park

3 Days/2 Nights

  • Plan your Ethiopia safari holidays to the famous Bale Mountains National Park, which is also home to the largest area of Afro-alpine habitat in all of Africa.
  • Enjoy trekking through the forested trails as you come across endemic animal species like the mountain nyala, rare Ethiopian wolf, warthog, Menelik’s bushbuck as well as the bohor reedbuck here.
  • Stop by Tulu Dimtu, which is the highest mountain in the park and catch sights of black and white colobus monkeys and bale monkeys around the waterfalls here.
  • Walk on the Gushuralle Peak Forest trail, which is a hotspot of wildlife like the Bale monkeys, Menelik’s bushbuck, warthogs, colobus monkeys, and giant forest hogs.

Best Places for Ethiopia Safari Holidays

Bale Mountains National Park

The Bale Mountains National Park is located in Ethiopia and is home to Ethiopia's second-highest mountain, Mount Tullu Demtu, and is a popular destination for hikers, climbers and safari enthusiasts. The park houses a variety of ecosystems, including alpine grasslands, montane forests, and wetlands. The Bale Mountains National Park is an important refuge for a number of threatened and endangered species, including the Ethiopian wolf, the Mountain Nyala, and the Bale monkey. The park is also home to a variety of bird species, including the wattled ibis, the Abyssinian ground-hornbill, and the red-billed chough.

Awash National Park

Awash National Park is situated in central Ethiopia, on the Awash River and is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including many endemic species. The park is best known for its abundance of wildlife, including lions, gazelles, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and many more. A total of 81 species of mammals can be gazed at the Awash National Park including Ethiopia's largest protected population of Beisa Oryx. During your safari you get a chance to come across nearly 453 species of birds such as Kori Bustard, Yellow Billed Hornbill and the Abyssinian Roller.

Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountain National Park is home to a number of rare and endangered animals, including the Ethiopian wolf, the Walia ibex, and the gelada baboons. The Simien Mountains are a part of the Ethiopian Highlands and reach a height of 4,550 meters at their highest point. The landscape of the park is very diverse, with grasslands, woodlands, and forests. It is a popular tourist destination, with a number of activities to offer, such as hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression is a vast, arid and hyper- salty expanse of land in Ethiopia, one of the lowest and hottest places on Earth. The area is home to volcanoes, hot springs, and salt lakes, as well as some of the most hostile conditions for life. The heat and lack of water make it uninhabitable for most plants and animals, but a few hardy species have adapted to the harsh conditions. Some of the only wildlife species that have survived here include the rare Ethiopian wolf, the striped hyena, the Ethiopian hedgehog, the Nile monitor, and the desert monitor.

Gambella National Park

Located on the western edges of Ethiopia, the Gambella National Park has one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the entire country. The park is particularly known for its large antelope and buffalo populations, in addition to other animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs as well as leopards. The park is also home to the world's largest population of the endangered Ethiopian wolf.

Best Time to go for Ethiopia Safari Holidays

January to April

The beginning of the year, especially the months of January and February remain dry and warm in Ethiopia, and attract a lot of tourists who can indulge in early morning game drives in the game parks and reserves here. This is also the time of Ethiopia's annual christian celebration, timkat. From March onwards, the northern provinces and the Simien Mountains begin to warm up, making it ideal to enjoy safaris in Ethiopia. You can also experience the shorter belg rains in April in the country.

May to July

The rains become more common from May onwards, especially in the southwestern regions of Ethiopia, such as the Omo Valley and Bale Mountains National Park. They get heavier and more permanent with the onset of June and July, thereby making spotting animals quite difficult. However, you can still visit the Omo and Mago National Parks to witness animals like buffalos, gazelles, zebras and more.

August to October

August marks the peak of the kiremt season in Ethiopia, with heavier and more permanent daily rainfalls, in the Simiens and Bale regions. Towards the end of October month however, you can enjoy a pleasant visit to the Central Highlands and Northern Circuit, which are verdant with lush green landscapes, and also attract a lot of migratory birds, thereby making birdwatching a great activity to do here.

November to December

The months of November and December are some of the best times to enjoy a safari in Ethiopia, especially in the South Omo Valley and the Danakil Depression on the Eritrean Border. With lower and pleasant temperatures, accompanied with little to no rainfall, these months are the Belg or autumn and the early winter season in the country. While you can enjoy witnessing wildlife species like the walia ibex and gelada baboons in the Simien Mountains in November, you can also spot flamingos, warthogs, buffaloes and hyenas in December.


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